Firmware update failure

  • I tried to do a firmware update on my Rostock Max v3 and the main window hangs. In the terminal I got a "file/directory not found" for avrdud.exe. It seems like MC is expecting that file to be in /usr/lib/mattercontrol when it is actually in /usr/lib/mattercontrol/avrdude_files. I then looked in avrdude.exe and it looks like it is trying to get a file from Following that trail the file didn't exist. Not sure where to go from here.



  • Sorry, its not setup to work on Linux. It's looking for avrdude.exe as if it were on Windows. I'll file a bug report. In the meantime, you should be able to make it work by installing avrdude as you normally would on your distribution, then make a symlink from /usr/bin/avrdude to /usr/lib/mattercontrol/avrdude.exe.

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