When editing/saving i get "Out of Memory Errors"

  • my system has 32gb of RAM and while watching the Task manager my system never uses more than 4.2gb of ram, but they program continually errors out stating that i have run out of memory.

    basically, what i am doing is creating multiple copies of objects so that i can print them all at once, instead of one at a time.

    any suggestions on how to fix this so that i can actually use this program effectively?

  • MatterControl is a 32 bit app so it cannot use more than 3 Gb of RAM. In practice, the limit is even lower for MatterControl. About 1.5 Gb, due to some other factors.

    For version 2.0 we are switching to 64 bit, but it will be some time before that is released. We're considering doing a 64 bit release of 1.7 in the mean time.

  • Please put out a 64bit version. I have some of the best results with MatterControl. But if the item is very dense it really drags. Keep up the great work!

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