Looking for large build 3D Printer

  • I'm looking for a large build 3D printer that's open filament, enclosed, heated bed, dual extruders and a fine resolution. I've been looking at the Ultimaker 3 extended, Raise3D N2 Plus and Airwolf Axiom 20. What are your opinions on these 3 printers or other printer options out there? I will be using a variety of filaments printing prototypes and usable products for sale.

  • The Ultimaker 3 seems to be the most complete printer out there. I have a PowerSpec 3D Printer 2 and I would not wish this one an anyone. But it also has all your features u asked. just be warned the software that comes with it is pure Crap.@ASHINOVATIONS said:

    Ultimaker 3

  • my opinion would be either the ultimaker or the LULZbot Taz 6. as they are more wide spread and alot of info is out there. the taz is open source so you can print spare parts (handy if it will be a work horse) taz dosn't come with a enclosure but when was looking at this one myself i remember seeing lots of simple build enclosures on youtube with plexy and framing.

  • I have an 3d printer that will surely meets yours requirments. but unfortunately last week my baby put water on printer 😞

  • if you can't find one to your liking from matter hackers, this is the only place I would buy from, next is going to be G-create gmax 1.5 plus 3d if your going large 16x16x21..

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