Limit Extruder Torque

  • I just bought a BondTech dual roller extruder to replace the EZStruder in my RMax V3. I print as fast as the stock extruder will allow without skipping steps. However, the BondTech appears to have gear reduction, and I'm afraid that instead of skipping steps, it will push out the bowden tube. this is a problem on the first layer print where the nozzle-to-table distance is not constant.

    Is there a setting, possibly in Repetier that will limit the stepper voltage/current for the extruder? If I can reduce it there, I can limit the torque. I've read the config files, and it's not clear to me that such a thing exists. There appear to be voltage settings for the delta motors. Also, I can't afford to have my printer down for an extended time to experiment, so I'm trying to do as much research up front.

  • The setting for this is in your firmware configuration. In Repetier firmware, the value is called MOTOR_CURRENT

  • Thanks. I found it, and will try it. Is there a G code that will work? I've tried various M907 and M908 commands from without any luck.

  • Not as far as I know. If you are lucky, you might find something in the EEPROM settings, though.

  • Maybe I'm issuing the wrong syntax for the M code? Are there examples? I can't find the Arduino code where the commands are parsed either. Which source would this be in?

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