T7 File Size Limitation?

  • I have a Mattercontrol Touch T7 (older model) and have had no problems with it connected to a Rostock V2. I just purchased a Creality CR-10 (500x500x500 build capacity) printer to print some big jobs. I want to connect the T7 to the CR-10 but I am worried about the maximum file size the T7 can handle. What is the maximum size of a G-code file that I can download to the T7 without it barfing? Does the T10 have more capacity?


  • For G-Code files the only limitation is the storage capacity of the device. G-Code files are streamed directly to the printer. The slicing has already been done, so there is no heavy lifting involved at that point. However, you will not be able to view the G-Code file unless it is less than 10 Mb. This is the same for the old T7 and the new T7X.

    For more information, see the Wiki.


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