Extrude -1 causes endless extrusion

  • This happened for the first time today but has happened several times. To change filament mid-print, I press Pause. (I have some G-Code added to the Pause to move the head and retract. I could post it but I don't think it's causing this problem.) Steppers are locked. After changing filament and pushing some through by hand, I choose 1mm and click E-. I plan to click it several times because I know my Resume G-Code will extrude some. But at the first click of E- the head starts extruding (not retracting) endlessly. E- won't stop it. E+ won't take control. Resume is grayed out or does nothing. I cannot get control of the program and printer to stop it. I had to power off the printer, of course ruining the print. When I turn it back on, MC reconnects but cannot control the printer. I have to exit MC and start it again, then I have control. So it feels like the problem is in MC, not in the printer.

    Have you ever seen anything like this?

    (I learned about Bottom Clip so I can rescue my project...)

  • Well I tested it on one of our printers to make sure that everything works as it should. I did what you described and was not able to replicate the problem, so I'm not sure what is going wrong on your end. Could you try it again and then post a terminal log? This will let us see exactly what commands are being executed and where it is going wrong.

  • I have the same issue. I have a CTC Bizer w/ sailfish firmware. Extruder 2 will extrude once but if it stops , when it extrudes next time it goes into an endless retract. It just happened for the first time on extruder 1, last print. I notice nothing coming out from nozzle, touched filament with hand and extruder 1 was on an endless retract.

  • Again, please post a terminal log.

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