NylonG - Great looking prints but structurally weak

  • Hello,

    I am trying to tune in NylonG on an Ender 5 Plus w/ a microswiss hot end. I am getting great looking Bechy_3d's. They have minimal stringing and very visible details. However, they are structurally weak. The sides of the hull can be easily torn off, along with the cabin roof.

    I am using a sunlu dryer at 55 deg C overnight and spooling the filament directly from the enclosure to the printer. There are no adhesion problems.

    I am printing at255C, bed temp is 65 C.

    Any sugeestions?

  • I may have to wait until winter to figure out if it is the humidity.

  • Also hope you are printing with an abrasion resistent nozzle. Like a ruby or at least stainless steel

  • I'm using a a MK8 harden steel nozzle from micro swiss. It is holding up so far.

  • @thwclw I'll try increasing the temperature. My thermistor is stock - soI ordered Slice engineering PT1000 RTD for my nozzle. It is spec'd to 300 C . I'll let you know how it works out.

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