A few of my dual extrusion prints

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    Dual Extrusion Rocks!

    I have a Pulse DXE that I just love. It has been with me for more than 2 years now, printing like a champ and helping me fix all sorts of things in my house (I'll post some of those things soon). In the meantime, here are a bunch of dual extrusion prints that I made for my kids and their friends.

    . .


    How did I get that curved dice?

    The other thing I do with the Pulse DXE is test new features in MatterControl.

    This curved dice is an example of an easy to use feature that can add a lot to a design. Here is a quick video of how to create this effect.


    Thanks for sharing your awesome designs!

    Happy Printing!


    About me: I am the CEO of MatterHackers and lead developer on MatterControl. Before MatterHackers I was a game developer for more than 20 years and ran Reflexive Entertainment as its CEO.


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    @larsbrubaker I would love to have a dual extrusion printer as long as it could print Nylon. I want to play with parts that have a carbon fiber interior for structural strength and a Kevlar exterior for high wear surfaces.

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