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  • First things first...I love this software!!! I bought and Ender 3 a few months back and went through a number of slicing and printing apps before stumbling onto Matter Control and now I can actual print thing on my Ender that turn out the way they should. Now for the question. I'm trying to scale up a desiccant jar that will fit inside my filament spool. The dimensions of the center are 76mm wide by 60mm high. I found a desiccant jar with lid .stl file that is 50mmwide by 60mm high. How would I use the scale function in Matter Control to increase the diameter from 50mm to 76mm without changing the height while not affecting the relationship between the jar and lid. I know that I can group them together and drag them to 76mm in one direction but I'm never sure if the result is still round and will the lid still screw on. I'm new to this and still learning so I greatly appreciate any help I can get.


  • MatterHackers

    This might seem a bit complicated but it will accomplish what you are asking.

    • Add your part to the bed
    • Add a measure tools to the bed (the yellow arrows in the tool bar)
    • Measure the inside of your part that you want to change
    • Group the measure tool and your part together
    • Right click and add a Modify -> Transform -> Scale to the group
    • Switch to Percentage
    • Turn off Lock Proportions
    • Adjust the Width and Depth by the same percentage to get the size you want
    • The size will show on the measure tools

    All this will be easier in the future. The measure tool will automatically stay with your part and the scale tool is going to get a lock proportions for xy (as this questions shows the need).


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