adding board cooling fan to azteeg x5 gt ?

  • anyone have any ideas about adding a fan to cool the board ? im wondering why it doesnt have one? its been getting hot here lately ( only going to get hotter for the next few months ) and im already venting the air outside but im having to reprint my top left z axis mount as it wont stay secure, and it got me to thinking the board has to be getting pretty hot as well. oh and i have an extra fan having had to replace the board fan for another printer and it came in a 2 pack. just unsure where to plug it if at all possible, as the 2 fan slots i can see are already taken and wouldnt really help if hooked up to the part cooling fan or hotend fan. im unfamiliar with smoothie and dont even know if its possible to hook a fan up to turn on when the drivers are used? thanks

  • Im wondering if i can just( or have to, for lack of space) relay a fan with the ... dammit. The fan i have is 24v i was trying to use to cool the board, but the hotend fan is 5v im pretty sure , which would run more often than the part cooling fan which is 24v and also not always at full power either.
    Cmon someone has to have an idea? Mrpringer im looking at you!! Your practically the only tech support matterhackers has! Imo
    My knowledge of pcb's extends to the bigtreetech skr e3 v2 i had to put in after i fried a stock creality board. And the firmware i had to learn to create to make it work.
    This is new territory for me and theres nothing i can find in regards to azteeg x5 gt + board cooling fan wiring
    Guess i just have to wing it. Not so scary since finding out
    a replacement wont cost another 450 dollars- fool me once kind of situation .

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