Trying out Cura slicing and printing G-code on Pulse XE - Very "Jerky"

  • @thwclw I feel your pain and totally agree... had this exact conversation with them last week, as software developers ourselves.

    Regretting this purchase as I quickly saw their "proprietary" route they seem to have chosen locking the unit down to their own Slicer, telling me not to run it like every other printer can from an SD card and simple things like using the STL file type so I can simply export straight from Fusion 360.

    Proprietary is a fine route to take...if you're the size of Apple...with the team to back it up

  • @mpirringer Thanks, I'll give that one a try too - Are there any caveats you can share as far as the setup for the Pulse in Prusa Slicer?


  • @thwclw said in Trying out Cura slicing and printing G-code on Pulse XE - Very "Jerky":

    I set all the acceleration values in Cura to 2000 (Generates a M204 S2000 g-code)

    I looked at the g-code generated from Mattercontrol, but could not find any m204 codes so I used the 2000 value from the Smoothieware config file on the Pulse XE:

    acceleration 2000 # Acceleration in mm/second/second.

    z_acceleration 500 # Acceleration for Z only moves in mm/s^2, 0 disables it, disabled by default. DO NOT SET ON A DELTA

    acceleration_ticks_per_second 1000 # Number of times per second the speed is updated

    I could not find a setting in Cura equivalent to acceleration_ticks_per_second.

    The print is still way too jerky.
    I also set the Jerk settings in cura to 7 (pretty low value)

    If there are any Pulse XE with 32 bit upgrade Cura users out there, what is a reasonable value for acceleration so the machine does not try to dance off the table?

    I wish that Matterhackers would look at this forum once in a while. I guess they get piled on if they do so they take the easy way out and just let their customers flounder.

    I recently read a review that said Matterhackers support don't have knowledge of any of the upgrades they offer - They only know about the machine that they have on their desk and not much about that - I'm beginning to think that may be true.

    They do have a great marketing department though, I was suckered in as a first time 3D printer buyer.

    i hear that
    450 dollars for a 150 dollar mainboard, and everything else that is the extremely overpriced pulse printer

  • @rbradford1111 Yep - "Fool me once - Shame on you. Fool me twice - Shame on me" I thought I vetted them pretty well, lots of posts about how great the support was and it saved time on the front end selecting all components needed to print carbon filled Nylon and low lead time allowing me to get started earlier. Also, this was "Made in America" and I wanted to support American companies. I didn't know I was participating in "corporate welfare" at the time.

    Hindsight is 20/20 - Now I realize it was a mistake. I should have just bought a Prusa from the start. At least Prusa has a HUGE support base with lots of people willing to help. I have not seen that with Matterhackers. Matterhackers does not seem to want you to use anything but Mattercontrol limiting your opportunity to learn any other slicing options.

  • @damianoffthegrid I have an older model with a rambo mini board. But the board out to not be the difference.
    Here is what I did. I slice in prusa slicer based on an MK2 profile. (I copied the start and end Gcode into PS). Then I save the Gcode file to disk. Then load the gcode file in MC and print. All MC does or used to do is to add the bed leveling to it that means change the Z positions where it is on the field. I was considering writing a script to post process in prusa slicer. But for now its sitting in pieces and I will make my mind what I do with it - it probably will become a very different printer as I was quite unhappy with a range of things. I should have bought 2 other printers for the price of one pulse. Currently I mostly print with Anycubic Chirons. One thing to watch out. IDK what the current version of MC does but some versions did not add the start/end code some did so double check if yo get double start and end code remove it in one of the 2 slicers so you only get it once. I also found that MC is leaking quite badly or at least used to so it pays to after every print - especially if it was a big one - to exit to the desktop and then restart the software.

  • @thwclw I am using prusaslicer with mattercontrol, and initially in 'marlin' mode prusaslicer was outputting commands to set acceleration etc. which my pulse did not like. In prusaslicer switching to reprap mode disabled writing of those gcodes so it printed with the marlin defaults which restored it to good motion. I'd take a look at the cura gcode and delete the accel settings as a test. Just make sure you haven't stored the cura produced accels in the pulse firmware. I'd cycle power on the pulse 1st to make sure you have default values again. The values for accel can be seen under config/advanced on the lcd screen. Mine is set lower than you mention in cura. Accel:800 Travel:1000 max:1500

  • @damianoffthegrid I found mattercontrol under osx to be completely unreliable because of usb connection issues. I just quit trying and went to windows. I also use prusaslicer and did have an issue with zheight when i was trying to go back and forth between ubl firmware leveling and mattercontrol leveling. I had the z offset set in both mattercontrol and firmware and mattercontrol leveling was off by the offset amount. of course in the wrong direction so i also gouged beds figuring it out. setting it to zero in firmware solved the problem. Marlin ubl with the reprep lcd has its own issues. it works when commanded via gcode file or terminal through usb, but fails when commanded from the lcd. This is a marlin issue, not a mattercontrol issue though. For now I went back to Mattercontrol autolevel.

  • @mpirringer Appreciate that info.

    Since I posted, MC did fix the Apple M1 issues it appears and prior, I been running that Pulse XE from an old Mac desktop we had and has been running fine...and I don't mind the MatterControl as it appears to be getting the job done for continuously ripping out parts..but yes I am excited to get ahold of this Prusa that we have coming in. Planning to run these things hard 24/7 and while I see the Pulse working great at that, I am starting to feel less comfortable though, that whenever it breaks, we won't have the parts/support needed to repair/fix it.

    Will check out that is cool seeing my son rip out the cleanest parts on his new Ender 3. However, I can see these Prusa/Pulse types being better for long term printer farm workhorses.

    Looking forward to learning more.

  • @rbradford1111 I'm mostly with you, they certainly are fishing for suckers on the upgrades. I bit on the mosquito, glad the 32 bit motherboard was 'out of stock' when I ordered or I might have gone there too. I'll probably do the upgrade myself at some point and save $300 to boot. With that said, I've found the actual mechanics of the printer to be good, and the price before you get suckered into 'upgrades' is the same as a prusa which, at least for the ones I've seen, aren't as fast. I assumed that a 'real' company would have 'real' support, tech seems willing but overwhelmed. At this point I think a busy forum probably would equal or surpass what you can get from them. I have found a couple of truly knowledgeable guys there, when and if they can make the time. I suspect it's a tough job from poor planning at corporate level. It's a shame, mattercontrol contains some good ideas but constantly comes up short. With that said, I've had no problem running prusaslicer with the pulse, with tons more options and no bugs I've found yet. It's not integrated but the workflow is fine.

  • @ibbro Thanks! That's exactly what I needed - I picked the "Marlin" falvor because I could only fin 1 post regarding smoothieware and cura and they used Marlin.

    I'm going to try for Prusaslicer and see how that goes, @mpirringer uses it with good results and now with your confirmation, there are two that are having good results.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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