Creality CR6 SE printer and profiles

  • Hi all, I am just starting on my 3d journey and finding it slightly confusing, I purchases a Creality CR6 SE and have managed to pruduce some prints using Cura to slice. I have now come accross MC and like the program a lot however I am having problems trying to sort (or source) a printer profile for the CR6 SE.

    Cura has a profile for the cr6 in v4.8 and I have also downloaded some "Chep" Ender 3 profiles for his web site all of which seems to print ok from cura, however I have tried to put the start and end codes into MC however I cannot seem to get a decent result, I am having problems with bed adhesion, layer height, stringing, blobbing over extraction etc. none of which seem to happen in cura with the same design. I am currently using the MC ender 3 profile with the modified start and end codes.

    Is there a way I can import the cura profiles into MC and would that work or does anyone have a good printer/slicer profile that would work for the CR6

    many thanks in advance for any help.

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