Unusual cyclic printing

  • No changes to the hardware or software has been made since the MakeIt 2x4 was printing correctly, but the output has begun creating a cyclic pattern.
    The machine seems to be running normally up to some point, then will produce something eratric but consistently (see images).

    Details of the model files aren't relevant because it's doing the same with everything, and at about the same elevation regardless of individual layer-height.
    I expect this is related to the controller (running Octoprint), but again, nothing has changed from when it was last producing normally, about 6 months ago.



  • @hythos You have extrusion problems that most of the time happens if there is a gap in your hotend.

    If its all metal you most likely have a little gap between the heatbreak and nozzle or if its not all metal between the PTFE tube and nozzle. Take the nozzle out if you see discoloration on the top then discard it (they are very tough to clean properly on top without damaging the top) and then take the hotend apart and clean it. If you have all metal you probably will have to replace the heatbreak too (if it got filament on where it buts with the nozzle - if you got a non all metal - replace the PTFE tube - preferably with a Capricorn. and make sure you cut it properly with a proper tool

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