Removing MakeIt USB drivers

  • I'm running a Windows 10 system; the OS is misidentifying an I2CDriver USB device as a MakeIt and loading a driver package signed by MatterHackers, Inc. I need to remove this driver package from my machine. How do I do that?

    Device Manager Snapshot

    To be clear, the I2CDriver is not a 3D printer, it just happens to be based on the same FTDI chip with hardware ID USB\VID_0403&PID_6015. That ID belongs to FTDI, and has been used by many different devices. It seems that this MatterHackers driver package introduces an incompatibility if installed.

    I have had a 3D printer connected to this PC, and for a time I ran the MatterControl slicer. Since then, I have run the Windows Reset this PC recovery option, choosing to preserve my files:

    Reset PC dialog

    Even after removing the MatterControl application, with Reset this PC, the issue has persisted.

  • I just answered my own question. When using Device Manager's Uninstall Device command, there was a checkbox to delete the driver. But that alone didn't get things back to normal. Eventually I got the I2CDriver working by installing the FTDI VCP dirver

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