Early abortion of pla prints

  • Hi all. Am new on forum and have a Lulzbot Taz machine. I am trying to print some taller models and after almost half the model is printed, the filament hardens and the model aborts. Im using the cura software. Is there a way that i can increase the temp as the project progresses? Doing it earlier on causes a lot of fine hair as expected. I am really out of ideas. Thanks in advance

  • @bernardfunguy Which PLA and what temperature. Filaments print the same at the same temperature 1mm above the build plate or 400 (given you have a printer that goes that high)
    IF the temp is too low you might form a "Puck" after a while that clogs your nozzle or you might have a wiring problem that shows at a certain height
    Now stringing can be sometimes reduced with changing retraction and in some cases you got to live with it and remove it either mechanically or with a hot air gun

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