orientation and length of carbon fibers in carbon fiber reinforced PLA filament?

  • I want some information regarding carbon fiber reinforced PLA filament.

    1. Whether the carbon fibers which are present in this filament are short or long?
    2. The fibers are in aligned manner or they are randomly oriented?

    If you can please provide the SEM image of orientation of fibers it would be your great favour.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  • @sohailgohar989 CF "reinforced" or GF (Glass fiber) the chopped fibers are always random in orientation. There might be some "straightening" out during the print process when they are extruded and make contact with the nozzle. But it is important to know that they do not connect so you have little chopped strands in the filament being extruded. Hence when it comes to tensile strength any chopped fiber "reinforced" material is weaker than the base material. Also laye adhesion is less good than the base material by itself as if there is a fiber particle on the surface it does not adhere to another particle on the surface below. So if for argument sake ther is 10% by volume fiber in a filament then there is 10% less filament/plastic around for tensile strenght and layer adhesion

    Now the fiber particle will make the base material stiffer and more abrasion resistent as CF does very well there.

    So CF or GF infused filaments will give you a weaker part tensile strength wise and have (much) better performance when it comes to abrasion and stiffness. So like so many things in engineering its a tradeoff and the question like with anything parts is "is the performance well enough all around"

    Should you have a printer that embeds a whole continuous strand like for example a Markforged X5 or X7 etc then it becomes a whole different ball game and then the strengths - tensile and otherwise - is grately improved in the direction of print as the continuous fiber strand runs that way.

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