what is the cheapest Printer that would use Pro series PLA s or PETH

  • I was hoping the Creality 3d would get hot enough but I don't think it is. Im wanting to print food safe plates and cups. But I can't do something that is 5K so im wondering what my best option is.

  • @ashira2020 Probably the best low budget choice would be either one of the Ender 3 Series from Creatlity or one from the Mega series from Mega series.

    But at the same time I probably would not eat of FDM 3d Printed anything unless there is some major post processing done. The problem is not if the material itself is food safe. There are layers and where they meet there are little nooks in which bacteria can collect as its very difficult if not impossible to get into all of them to properly clean it after first use. So that would require to employ some surface smoothing post processing technique to eliminate them

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