CTC printer bed heat drops while printing

  • Hi

    My first time using the software and it seems great. The only issue I have is when I set something to print the bed heats up to the required temperature but when the extruder starts heating the bed turns off and drops to room temperature during the print. This is causing my prints not to stick.

    I'm using a CTC Bizer and printing with ABS.


  • Are you printing from an SD card or directly over USB?

  • I was using USB first and then tried the SD card to see if that worked but it turned off with both. Maybe there is a bug in the GCODE? The bed stays heated when I use Makerbot software but that has other issues because it is an old version.

  • I took a look with a friend and adding

    M140 S100

    to the end of the start G code keeps the heated bed engaged.

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