Qidi X-Plus issue.

  • I've posted on here before, but it was for a different printer all around, and it was for a similar matter.
    My printer is giving me a really big issue when it comes to it laying down the filament. Its leveled perfectly (how we do it everytime with the same resistance), but recently whenever we've had to change filament types, it seems to constantly give us an issue where the z goes too low, and the filament will NOT adhere to the bed. We can not use any form of adherent for the bed for what we're making. We haven't used any adherent for the last batches of prints, but for some reason now it just wont adhere. I've went into the code, and made it so the z shifts a level up when it starts printing, no luck. The initial layer high is higher than the regular one given we wanted to see if that would work, still no luck. We only ever change a few things when we go from PLA to ePA-CF. We were able to print a set of what we are making right now yesterday with no problems any.
    Thats a brief summary of whats going on, if you want more details ask in the comments with specific questions if you have any. Any advice will help.

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