Extruder oozing from top...

  • I have plastic oozing from the top of the extruder heating block. I assume it is just a case of screwing it together more firmly, but is there any way to do it other than when it's hot?

  • No. In fact you absolutely must do it when it is hot. Otherwise thermal expansion will cause the threads to loosen when it heats up. Most likely the reason its leaking is because it was not hot when it was tightened down during the original assembly.

  • Yeah, I'd figured I might as well get on and do it hot, even if you did come back later with a clever alternative.
    Top tip though: don't leave the heating element floating in the air with power to it, it doesn't take long to start glowing cherry red. :oops:

    One variable that I'm not sure about though is how far into the carriage should the extruder pipe be screwed? Or put another way, how much gap between the body and the heating block?
    My guess is that it needs to be far enough, but not too far...

  • I can't tell you how your hot end should be assembled, since we don't have any Anet printers here.

    Pulling the cartridge out is an easy way to cause thermal runaway. Most firmwares have a failsafe feature that shuts the heater off when this happens, but some don't.

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