X-axis belt adjustment

  • Just a learning moment to share:

    Noticed my X-axis belt was sagging so before starting a new print tightened it up as per instructions. Went to print my next piece and it's now it won't print properly, half of the bed has no filament and then a "blob" and then prints.

    Leveled the bed and better but still crappy, re-ran the Z calibration followed by another bed level routine, a final tweak of the Z axis and back in business.

    Rookie mistake thinking adjust one axis wouldn't throw out anything else.

    Live and learn!

  • @pverdin You probably tightened it too much you want to be able to depress it so you want it to be a little taunt but slightly loos is less trouble than too tight

  • That's all I tightened t it too, ironically I noticed it after reading up on printer maintenance and how tight to keep your belts.

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