Ender 5 Plus Touchscreen

  • I just purchased an Ender 5 Plus and received it yesterday. The assembly of the printer was pretty straight forward, but once that was all done, the booklet and videos indicate that the bed needs to be leveled. The directions in the video can't be completed because once I get to the print screen and select adjustment the only thing I can do is adjust the Z Offset. Having followed the directions and setting the Z Offset to ZERO (0.0), cannot return to the initial screen. Have cycled power for the umpteenth time and each time it becomes unresponsive in the exact same place. The button to GO BACK or RETURN or whatever you want to call it doesn't work.

    Do I need to disassemble and return this printer? For as much money as it cost...the noise (doesn't have a SILENT BOARD) and the touchscreen leave a LOT to desire.

  • @ipullen As far as I know - unless you upgrade it yourself that printer levels manually. here is a decent video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GymGa_EYVg&ab_channel=DrVax

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