stuffmaker 3d evolution clear X axis homing issue

  • i bought a stuffmaker evolution clear as a used item the guy says was printing until stored.upon setup the errors were all over , hot end was stuffed , i bought two so have spare, im no expert this is first attempt at this stuff. the all home dont work , the x axis seems to be the big issue , i reversed wining as on web , no change , also the printer seems to always start a print well off the 200 by 200 board . i did force the carriage at first try something that i regret , did i send all co ords off centrwe forcing carriage ? . need help big time here . i created the Fish Magnet app for iphones , i have proto types for fish and squid jigs ready to print now urgent i get them done , the person who helps me get rolling will indeed be im my debt so i promise to send a free app code to the savior , a free tshirt when we strt prints in november 2017, and obv a free copy of limited edition squid jig i create . james wilson . pls contact my face book James Wilson of Fish Magnet or here , thanks for your help and time , cheers, ps im online 24/7 .....

  • Refurbishing a printer can be a tough job. Getting into the nitty gritty details of how to perform each step of refurbishment is a little outside the scope of the type of help we can provide for free through our forum, but I'd like to try to point you in the right direction if I can.

    The basic steps to refurbishing a printer are these:

    1. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble any components or parts as necessary. Replace if needed.
    2. Restore all mechanical functionality, and make sure parts interact with each other as intended.
    3. Ensure all electrical connections are good.
    4. Flash new firmware, if needed.
    5. Test, adjust, and test again.

    Eventually, if everything is configured correctly, the printer will work again. If something is off, or not working properly, you'll need to fix it before continuing.

    That said, it sounds to me like you're hung up on number 2, as the X axis is not functioning properly. What about it doesn't work?

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