Preserving detail on the bottom of an object

  • Hey all,

    I'm new to 3D printing and I'm wondering if there's a rookie solution to this one.

    The issue is preserving detail on bottom faces. My son and I tried printing a 6-sided die with inset Arabic numerals on the faces. It worked great except for the bottom face, which came out with a smushed number. I tried turning on the raft feature, which kind of worked if you don't mind sanding off the raft and messing up your geometry in the process...

    Any best practices for when you need to preserve details on the bottom surface of a print?


  • The raft should just easily tear off by hand, if configured correctly.

  • Also check, if the Support Material option is turned on in the settings. I remember, mine was turned off initially. That might be the reason why your dice face on the bottom got smushed.

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