Taulman Natural Bridge Filament - Not sticking to PEI Sheet Bed.

  • In reading your description of: Taulman Natural Bridge Filament ; I purchased a roll. I have tried twice to print on my ANYCUBIC I3 Mega with a PEI sheet heated bed. My 1st try was using 250 degree nozzle and 70 Degree Bed. It did not stick and in a couple places it appeared that the print was scorched brown. (Small Spot) I then tried decreasing the nozzle to 240 Degrees and Increasing the bed to 80 Degrees. After 3 layers it started to peel away from the bed.

    I purchased this filament because your description said it was easier that Nylon to be successful. At this point, I have had NO Success so please inform me as to what I am doing wrong.


  • Glass with glue stick is the best bed adhesion method for Nylon filament. 255 for the nozzle; 55 for the bed. PEI will most likely have issues.

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