Which Printer to buy?

  • Just download the software. Don't have a 3D printer yet and that is what I'd like to hear about. I don't necessarily have to buy the cheapest printer there is. What would be a good one to buy. Thanks neferkamichael

  • Hi neferkamichael, thanks for your post. I re-positioned it in our 3D printing category since it's more about a printer than the software used. For reference, most any of the printers we sell are compatible with MatterControl, though there are a few exceptions, and I can cover those if you're interested.

    Choosing a printer isn't as simple as asking, "Which one is the best?". There's lots of different printers which do the same thing differently, and have pros and cons. To get a better idea of which printer will suit you the best, I have a few questions.

    - What's your budget?
    - What kind of material do you want to be able to print with?
    - What is the biggest print you want to be able to do?
    - What is your experience level with 3D printing?
    - Is open source important to you, or are you okay with a printer that has proprietary restrictions if it means a better user experience?

    With answers to these, I can provide you with a strong recommendation, assuming one of our printers matches your criteria. Alternatively, you can always stop by our showroom if you're in California, email us at sales@matterhackers.com, or give us a call at 949-613-5838 to discuss the options.

    Thanks for your interest in MatterHackers!

  • Thank you Ryan. The image above is of bobbins used in electric guitar pickups. Most are made of some kinda plastic and that is the material I would like to stick with, but will take advice. These bobbins are my principle interest at the present time. I have no experience with a 3D printer but would like one that could print something 10 cubic inches perhaps. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Okay, that tells me most of what I need to know. What's your budget?

  • HP is the most popular brand in the world. The configuration and quality of the HP printer are good to compare than other printers. I suggest that you can buy an HP printer. If Your HP printer is not working properly then, please visit HP Accelerometer Update for the proper solution.

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