Printing above bed.

  • I've had my Rostock Max V2 several years now and I've always had pretty good print quality. Just recently, what seems like out of nowhere, it just will not print level.

    I've done the 7 point auto level several time and each time I have the same results and what I would consider a good level. I have one of the 7 zero'd at 0.00 offset and the rest are no more than 1.00 from the bed.

    I've check x/y/y travel calibration, all good.

    But when it prints the first layer, I can clearly see 2-3mm of gap between the hotend and bed. But not all the way around the perimeter.

    I'm really stumped. Anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @mooose14 .. i have seen this before
    check in firmware there are no offset values on Z?
    try reload the firmware run a print from stock firmware no changes?

  • @mooose14
    If you are using MC then that could be the problem it sometimes does that - create a new printer if that is the case. Look at the Gcode. so for example if the layer height is .2 then the first layer Z should be close to .2 like
    G1 x[nnn] y[nnn] Z0.2
    etc or just
    G1 Z0.2
    so look at that

  • @mpirringer I exported the gcode (see link) and the first layer is pretty consistent 0.32 then up over 1.0 and back down to 0.32.

    It's very clear WHAT the problem is, just not sure how to fix it.!AuFyw0iF-dUe-i8btbZTgIyTpbLZ?e=wVKsFP

  • @mooose14 This Gcode is seriously messed up. Looks like the bed leveling went way off. You should be able to look at the leveling table and it looks like its off. You can also export the Gcode with leveling off. From the gcode looks like something went really wrong with the leveling. If you use a probe check the probe maybe turn it off by unchecking "has probe" and level manually with a piece of paper.

  • @mpirringer It doesn't have a probe. It was always done manually with paper. I'll try turning leveling off and exporting again.

  • @mooose14 I dont remember how cause I have stopped using MC but there is a way to display the table of coordinates from leveling and you could check the Y offsets in that table should all be reasonably close to each other. If that does not work I would create a new printer from scratch and try it there. You could also try to call support,

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