Bed Leveling / Printing Above Bed

  • I've had my Rostock Max V2 several years now and I've always had pretty good print quality. Just recently, what seems like out of nowhere, it just will not print level.

    I've done the 7 point auto level several time and each time I have the same results and what I would consider a good level. I have one of the 7 zero'd at 0.00 offset and the rest are no more than 1.00 from the bed.

    I've check x/y/y travel calibration, all good.

    But when it prints the first layer, I can clearly see 2-3mm of gap between the hotend and bed. But not all the way around the perimeter.

    I'm really stumped. Anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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