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  • I have just gone through the levelling wizard, and in general the prints are pretty good except for curling at the corners.

    The item I printed was on the small side 58 x 35 X 20 mm and three of the corners curled, not much but enough.

    Perhaps I made a mistake during the levelling process.

    Any ideas on how to correct it, I should imagine that when I print something larger the results would multiply.

  • If only the corners are curling, this sounds more like a bed adhesion issue than a leveling issue. You could adjust the Z Offset down a bit, but more than likely you will need to make some physical changes to your bed surface.

    What type of filament are you printing with?

    What are your nozzle and bed temperatures?

    What surface is on the bed now?

  • Hello Ryan , it's been a while.

    I am running with 200 and 50 degrees, the bed is plain glass with a PVA coating, and PLA filament.

    I will give a try with say 60 degrees on the bed later today and see if that makes a difference

  • If you want to print PLA on plain glass, use unscented hairspray-- extra hold, with the bed at 60.

  • It seems it is more shrinkage than lifting, and it happens in the same area every time, Bottom left side of the bead, I wonder if perhaps the bed is not heating equally over the bed.

    I tried using the hair spray but it still happened, it shrunk around 3 to 4 mm, luckily for me I managed to orientate the item so that the shrinkage caused minimum problems.

    Can you tell me why you specified non scented spray.

    How often would you spray, for every print, also how do you clean up the spray from the glass.

  • @erniehatt said:

    Can you tell me why you specified non scented spray.

    Because extra hold is the type that works, and being unscented it won't smell up your work area.

    @erniehatt said:

    How often would you spray, for every print,

    Every print or two should be fine.

    @erniehatt said:

    also how do you clean up the spray from the glass.

    With water on a towel.

    If you're getting shrinkage, the best thing to do is use an enclosure over the entire printer.

  • OK Ryan,

    Kind of had an idea of No1.

    I tried the spray and it worked well.

    As for the shrinkage, I am using a new product, so that could be part of the reason, I am in the process os building an enclosure, let you know how it goes.

  • Sounds good.

  • It's been a while, I have built the enclosure, and am pre heating it with a hair drier, seems to work fine.

    thanks for a great system, but for me it has a weak spot, and That is The supports.

    This may well be me, but I find breaking away in general is not clean, there is good seperation at the start but at the top where it adds a number of layers the seperation becomes nil.

    There are some very good points, such as the perimeter.

    The worse part is when you choose support everywhere, this causes a lot of problems because it chooses to fill in holes which you don't want.

    It needs some way for us to be able to remove support from these places.

    It needs some written file on the proper use of this.

  • The next version of MatterControl will have much better support generation capabilities, so I'll defer any solutions until that's released. I think you'll enjoy it when it's ready (which I don't have an estimate for, other than *possibly* later this year, maybe next year).

  • That's good News Ryan, look forward to it.

  • Seems I spoke to soon, still getting shrinkage at corners.

    I decided to try a raft, though the raft stuck very well, the first layer though it attached ok to the raft I noticed that the individual thread of filament were not adhering together they were quite loose.

    I tries various air gap settings, the recommended starting point of ,6 sucked, it did not adhere at all, even at .2 the loose fitting still occured, though the rest of the layers seemed fine.

    Any ideas anyone.

  • Seems as though noone has an answer.

  • If you're not getting good layer adhesion, the nozzle temp is too cold.

  • I am not sure if it is the temperature, because, it prints ok without the raft, except of course the slight shrinkage problems.

    The raft prints fine it is only the first layer that sits on the raft that is a problem.

  • In that case, Air Gap is what you need to focus on. Right now the value is too great. Lower it, and find a value that works.

  • That turns out to be true, but it does not alter the fact that the given figure of 0,6 recommended in the help file, is misleading, a more appropriate figure would be 0.1.

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