New XE inbound

  • I’m expecting a new printer in about 3 weeks- any advise I should have before setting it up.

  • Check the wiring, make sure everything is put together right

  • Apply LocTite 222 (purple) to the Y-Axis mount under the platform and to the retaining screw of the extruder, keeps these from vibrating loose. Purple Loctite is formulated for small threads and ease of removal when needed.

  • Congratulations!!! I just got mine 2 weeks again. A big learning curb for this noob!!

  • Just wonder if they still sell it with a 15A 12V powersupply - if they do either get a bigger one or don't run it 24/7 with the bed at 90-100 and the nozzle at 270-280 you will fry the powersupply. Make sure there is strain relief on the bed wires where it comes out of the case so it does not tug on th connectors or you will burn those up. And don't replace the V6 heater cartridge with a 40W one if you have a 15A PSU etc

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