Monoprice Maker Architect 3D Printer

  • I bought a Monoprice Maker Architect 3D Printer about a month ago. So far it has been going well. I am using the presets in MatterControl for a MakerBot Replicator 2. Has anyone else used this printer and MatterControl together? If so do have any little tweaks for the MatterControl software so it prints to the true center of the print bed. Righ now it only prints on 3/4 of the print bed. There are a few other little things but not that big of a deal.



  • The Monoprice Maker Architect is actually a rebranded FlashForge Creator. MatterControl has a built in profile for it.

  • I will give that profile a shot. it seems that some of the stuff I am printing is getting printed a hair too small for some reason. Thanks for the help.


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