Printer not listed - Artillery Sidewinder X1

  • Just started 3D printing and using this slicer. I think it will be my slicer of choice for a while. Can we get some love for this printer please?

    Is there a printer choice that we can use that would fit or if we have to use a custom printer does anyone already have parameters they can share for a noob? Thanks!

  • @wraith64 A creality CR10 would be a good place to start and also install the slicer it came with (probably cura) as you can make sure you get the proper Start and end code for the printer either that or familiarize yourself with Gcode So you can write your own

  • I am completely green is this 3D printing. I have ordered a Artillery Genius, so I am also missing some printer setup and I don't know anything about G-Code, yet.

  • @gvviking Maybe start with the slicing software that comes with the printer and switch to a different one once you got your feet wet a bit.

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