extruder motor issue on one side of printing bed

  • hello all
    i started having an issue with the extruder motor , but only occurs on one side of the bed
    on the left side margin ,
    the other part of the bed prints perfect.
    the motor tries to extrude and retract ad rrrrrrrrrrr noise
    but when it moves , to a "good sector" prints fine
    Ive checked the motor cable and its fine
    I think there is some kind of bug in the G Code.
    I have a very old Merlin Firm
    I need your help, Im printing PPE to help my town

  • @mrwire have you revisited bed levelness?
    sounds like there could be something restricting free movement?
    check there is nothing pulling on the carriage?
    you have photos or short vid clip you can post?
    what robot you using?

  • @zizixa Im using Robo 3D R1+ with marlin 1.0 (stock)

    If I move the head to the conflict zone, I can extrude normally using +E ( to verify the motor cable its ok at that end)
    The problem occurs on the needed print ,
    Prints fine till it gets to the left margin.
    here the short video



  • the terminal shows this response when it get into that area:

    N61 G1 X60 Y67.32 Z0.302*99

    N62 G1 X55 Y61.71 Z0.344*101

    N63 G1 X50 Y56.1 Z0.385*95

    N64 M105*21

    ok T:199.8 /200.0 B:60.8 /60.0 T0:199.8 /200.0 @:74 B@:0
    N65 G1 X45 Y50.49 Z0.427

    N66 G1 X40 Y44.88 Z0.468*109

    N67 G1 X35 Y39.27 Z0.51*95

  • OK I think it might be The Stepper Connector is / has a loose wire?

    Only driving 1/2 the motor as the head moves to the left it disconnects a pin? then the stepper shudders as is only half powerd?
    3: You will have to secure the cables properly?
    maybe make an aluminium bracket and bolt it to, 2 of the stepper screw at the rear, they are open from the looks at the vid.
    and check where the motor connector and harnes is attached to the HE Assembly for loose /poor wire joints

    As it only does it on the one side it eliminates many othe possibillities and focus is drawn to a wire under tension on a loosly attached harness?

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