Shift/Grinding on X Axis on first print after calibration/Unboxing

  • Just got my Pulse D-111 printer, went through the calibration steps as instructed, worried that I set the nozzle too low, re-did Z Calibration and noticed nozzle was testing halfway to the left side of the plate (looking at printer from the front) from the center point. On first print, first layer heads straight off the end of the plate and there is some grinding in the belt motor trying to come back the opposite direction. The plate movement (Y Axis) seems fine. I noticed that the Z Screws were slightly off so I manually rotated one until it was the same height as the other. Re started the test print and the exact same thing happened.

    This is my first 3D Printer, first time doing anything like this, so looking for any help I can get. I am a fast learner but do not know where to start. I can provide pictures/videos.


  • I rea the Print Leveling calibration today and it starts fine on position 1 (lower left corner) but barely travels from position 4 to 5 and then on the return starts 6 where 7 should be which results in the extruder attempting to go off the end of the plate for number 10. Is there a way to reset the firmware or something?

  • @scottalford Could be some obstruction or a misplaced limit switch. When the printer is off see if you can move both x and y fairly easily without "hangups" also see when it hits the limit switch and where its at when it does

  • The Y Axis moves fine but the X Axis requires significant effort to move and gets harder towards the end that was producing the grinding/slow down

  • @scottalford Maybe the belt is too tight or there is some "crap" in the bearings or on the steel rod. But my first guess would be belt too tight

  • Okay - I'll see if I can loosen it

  • @scottalford If its like mine there is an adjuster on the side opposite of where the motor is You want it taunt but you should still be able to squeeze it together a bit and it should not "grind" when moving

  • It is taut with some "give" allowing me to pinch it, it seems like the issue is with the motor rotation

  • @scottalford IDK what you have in spares but you could take the belt off (on the back of the carriage held in place with a zip tie (at least on mine) and see if the motor binds or the pulley on the other side binds. it could also be that the set screws on the pulley mounted to the motor is loose and the shaft shifts or that the pulley is mounted in a way that it rubs on something when you mount the pulley match up one setscrew with the flat part of the shaft and then tighten that one first. make sure its not rubbing you can also try to just loosen the tention a bit as those belts can be pretty loose before they skip.

  • @scottalford Make sure that while moving the printer around, you have not mistakenly grabbed it by the gantry rods. This may have bent them thus creating the problem that you are seeing. With the printer powered off, you should be able to move the gantry left and right without issue. Removing the belt and trying this is a good way to eliminate the motor as a root cause. Good luck.

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