Suggestions on a Printer​

  • So I am in the process of looking at different printers to purchase for the Architectural firm I work for. Right now I am considering both the Taz 6 and the Raise3d N2. Mostly because of the large build plate. Here is a run down of what we will be using the printer for.

    1. 3D High resolution Architectural Models
    2. Low resolution conceptual massing models
    3. Marketing knickknacks to give to clients

    I know the Taz 6 will do everything we need to do and it has a reputation of being a great printer, and the Rase3d Printer is kind of the new kid on the block. So I guess I would really like to hear if the add features of the Rase3d like the 7" touch screen, fully enclosed design, and integrated dual head extruder are going to be worth it. My main concern with Rase3d is when it comes to the maintenance and longevity of the printer. They are new to the market and not a lot of reviews have been done on there printers. The reviews that are out there look like they are from the kickstarter campaign and commenting on some issues with the printer. like the factory leveled bed. Anyway I would love to hear some feedback from people that are using these printers in an office environment with several users.

    1. Easy of use
    2. Reliability
    3. quality
    4. maintenance


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