On the off chance that our hair is ordinary, that is

  • Revlon Hair Dryer Brush or inexhaustible and sound, at that point the perfect is to set the temperature at 180 degrees. Then again, on the off chance that our hair is raucous, at that point we should set the temperature somewhere in the range of 180 and 230 degrees. Additionally consider that if your hair is wavy you will require more temperature than if it is straight.
    What is Good for Hair before Ironing?
    So as to have a decent pressing of hair without harming it, at that point it is important to follow a few hints. The first, for instance, is to wash your hair with enough water, cleanser and conditioner so it remains hydrated and would thus be able to oppose the pressing procedure, just as temperature or warmth.
    Something else you can add to your hair so it isn't harmed when pressed is a unique treatment to ensure against shading. This sort of treatment for the most part comes in both splash and cream structures, being extremely simple to apply in light of the fact that you simply need to appropriate it well in your hair and let it ingest.

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