Jaw crushers with unique modular and high crushing ratio

  • C6X series jaw crusher is very important in stone handling process. With it, the stone and other materials can be handled into medium grained gravel and such gravel will be dealt with by second or even third crushing stage. We are now in 21st, our technology enables the machines in more perfect functions and super properties. Even for special stone or material crushing, there will be corresponding suitable crushers available.

    Many features and functions can be found. Most crushers lubrication system is safer and more reliable. It is easy to replace parts and the maintenance workload is small. With simple structure, machines can be in low operating costs. Now, they are all energy saving equipments, stand along and more robust. It has low noise, less dust that can be used for a long time.

    Generally speaking, jaw crushers are widely used medium crushing applications. During its working process, the machine can be in different condition when you operate it in different ways. Of course, the materials, including marble and concrete, hardness, moisture, volume are all the factors should be taken into consideration by us. If we want the stone in required size, shape and volume, the speed and operation ways should be proper and correct. What we may know that in sand making production line, raw materials are conveyed to the jaw crusher for a coarse crushing by the belt conveyor. Then all the material should be sent and conveyed into a fine jaw crusher, small cone crusher and other machines for a further crushing.

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