New to 3d Printing - "System.IO.IOException

  • Good morning all!

    A few days ago I decided to use my quarantine time wisely and learn how to 3d print/model. I have an upgraded Creality CR-10 (not 10s). It's been "upgraded" according to the previous owner.

    I've been struggling to get started with the printer unfortunately. I was able to print both the calibration cube and tug boat with mild success for a beginner. I was previously using OctiPi to act as a print server, but more recently decided to move to MatterControl as I wanted a Windows based host.

    I setup a Windows based machine dedicated for 3d printing, but have not been able to get MatterControl to communicate with my printer. I've tried selecting both the "CR-10s" and "Prusa i3" profiles, with no luck. The baud rate is set to 115200, and the correct (only) COM port is selected. In Device Manager, the printer shows up as "FTDI", with the MatterHacker's driver.

    For the actual problem: When I first attempted to setup my printer with MatterControl, It runs through the setup wizard, but after finding the port, it kicks back the error "System.IO.IO.Exception, A device attached to the system is not functioning". I've done a bit of research which leads me believe it's either an unsupported printer, or an issue with the serial port drivers. While I'm still troubleshooting, I figured it would be a good idea to post here just to see if anyone has any ideas.

    I'm running Windows 10 Pro 1809. Will try upgrading to 1909 later today.

  • Managed to resolve on my own.

    I replaced the drivers from MatterControl with the drivers from Creality's website:

    If you are encountering this issue, you'll need to download 'FTDI F232R Windows Driver" from the link above, then update the driver manually. For anyone who doesn't know how to do this, this guide can be used, but make sure to replace the drivers specified (C:\Program Files (x86)\MatterControl\StaticData\Drivers) with the ones from the Creality link above. Device Manager should report a "USB to Serial" adapter instead of "FTDI".

  • You did a great job, awesome. I'm also very interested in 3D printers. I've recently been researching how to DIY a 3D printer. I only bought accessories such as stepper motors and haven't started yet.

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