MatterControl will no longer launch​ in Win 10

  • I updated to ver 1.7.3 on the 9th. Worked fine after install. But, last night I shut down my PC (normally I only put it to sleep, so this is first time windows rebooted since the last Windows update, about 3 weeks ago)

    After Windows restarted MatterControl will no longer launch. I press the icon, and windows cursor shows busy for sec, but, program never launches. I opened Task Manager - Detail view, and when i launch MatterControl it never shows up under Apps, But when i look under Background Processes, MatterControl pops up for 1 sec, then disappears - but the program is not launching.

    I uninstalled MatterControl and reinstalled, same issue. I rebooted Windows again, same thing. MatterControl simply will no longer launch.... What happened? ? ?

  • Sounds like the application data got corrupted. Try deleting the application data folder. Beware, this will delete all of your settings. However if you have a MatterControl Sync account then they will be restored once you login.

  • Thanks for the quick reply/support - yes, i renamed the .db file and the program opened right up - i didn't even realize i had a sync account, but after resetting the password- got in and it recovered my printer settings, all is back to normal. How the .db got corrupt is concerning.... be nice if MatterControl could recognize the db is corrupt and tell you and ask to restore the settings, etc, rather than simply refusing to launch.

  • check out your program file folder also x86 . and ensure the program was completely wiped , i had issues too in sim software packs , some seem to leave empty folders and drivers behind also com port dramas . hope it helps im more a com dude as in the 3d world im not even started yet

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