Printer not listed and can't find info.

  • I have a Kingroon KP3 that is new. Have printed the test files, but need to use it for other projects. It might be equivalent to other printers in the list, but I don't know. Are there any suggestions? I realize that I got what I paid for but, am retired on SS and not rich. I got what I could afford. It works great but am having a real challenge generating gcode to drive it. Your Mattercontrol seems to be just the ticket, but can't get it to output anything without setting up the printer first.

  • @randal You have to create a custom printer if its not listed its the last option. You need to know your stuff like com port , baud rate etc for starters. Isn't there a slicer that came with the printer? they usually do like Cura or SLIC3R etc which IMO both are more powerful than MC - but if you like it - go for it

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