Unable to use the lcd controller on printer

  • From a few months back, I have been unable to use the lcd on my rostock max v2. When I turn the printer on, the lcd immediately goes to the menu, where I am unable to click any of the options. I have already confirmed that the issue is not in the lcd as I used a replacement and the issue persists. I have no idea what's happening as the printer works through the usb, but not the SD or the controller.

  • Did you get a replacement LCD driver board with the LCD, or just the LCD itself? Perhaps the driver board is bad. Otherwise, it might be something on the RAMBo board that's gone bad.

    Have you re-flashed the firmware to eliminate any possibility of that being the cause?

  • I bought a replacement driver board along with the screen, as well as having re-flashed the firmware many times. It's probably the rambo or the programming, but I have no idea where things could have gone wrong as the rest of the functions work as expected.

  • Did you re-flash the stock firmware? If so, then it's most likely not the programming or firmware.

    The RAMBo is a circuit board, and components on circuit boards can go bad. If that happened to components that directly affect the LCD pins, then you'd have trouble.

    You could try replacing the RAMBo board to logically determine if that's the problem. If you do and you still have the same problem, you know the problem is elsewhere. But given the other troubleshooting steps you've tried, that is possible.

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