Win Free Filament and More!

  • Hey Everyone!

    As we head into the new year, we are looking for new hackers!

    What does this mean? Every month this past year, we have run a contest called Hacker of the Month. 3D printing would not be getting as much buzz as it does without help of our community members and we would like to honor them. Each month we pick a project that someone in the community has done and highlight it in our newsletter and on social media platforms. The winner for month also receives three free spools of pro series filament in the material and color of their choice.

    We welcome anyone who has a project to enter! Entry is very easy- either email, message us on social media, or respond here.

    What we need from you...

    -Photos or video of your project

    -Description of your creation and why you created it

    -A way to contact you for further questions

    Need some examples? Check out the hackers we've had this past year.

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