No longer able to export to X3G

  • At some point in the past few months an update to Matter Control removed the option to export to x3G. It is missing from both my mac and windows versions. I have been printing via USB to my Replicator 2 for the past two months and that works fine. However, I am moving my printer and I need to go back to using the SD card. Any help is appreciated. I am using version 1.7 on both OS X and Windows 10. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere to renable this? Has anyone else seen this option disappear?

  • I just tried to reproduce your problem, and Export to X3G displays just fine on a fresh Replicator 2 profile. My guess is that somehow under SETTINGS > Printer > Features, the Sailfish Communication box came unchecked, as that is the setting that triggers whether or not the Export as X3G option appears in the QUEUE menu.

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