Upgrading the Pulse

  • Am working on turning the Pulse into a better printer. First thing is replace the power supply. I found it was a "mistake" to replace the burnt out 30W heater for the E3D V6 with the 40W version as the Power supply was already overtaxed. The 15W that comes with it is insufficient to run it at full "speed" i.E 100C bed and 270-275 hotend. So the first thing is a new bigger power supply. I have a 30A one I bought for a CNC project I am working on so for now it has been re-purposed. Here is the first version of a new electronics case.
    The big hole on the left will take the socket for the plug with a switch and fuse. The space on the right is for the mini rambo with stand offs for the board the parallel slots (small ones) on the sides are for wire management (zip ties go through it and tie the wires to the wall) this is to avoid the "birds nest" effect it came with and keep them neat and provide strain relief - there is a mount for a 50mm fan to keep the mini rambo cool granted its rated up to well above 100C but it still degrades performance plus another side effect of running the 40w cartridge was that besides dropping the Voltage to around 11V it also heated up enough to slightly warp the Ryno printed case. Goal is to make it function better and make it all neater. Currently waiting for the 50mm fan and the power switch/plug/fuse module. This will also remove the "power brick" from lying around the table. A proper enclosure is planned too and a redesign of the hotend mount and probably moving the extruder and designing a different filament out sensor. I will keep you up to date with the project. For now if you have a pulse and you need to replace the heater in the hotend get the 30w as the 15W power supply is barely able to handle that if you are going for higher temp materials. If you print with bed below 80 and nozzle below 260 then it does not matter Case dimensions are 245 x 265 and have been printed on my Chiron in HIPS. Reason its printed in HIPS - We just picked up 10 kg for under $100 from toner plastics, its tough and heat resistant up to about 110 C. Printed at 255 with a .8 nozzle on a 105C bed with a .8 nozzle outside perimeters .96mm inside perimeters 1.28mm and .4mm layer height limited at 16.5 mm3/sec Volumetric.

  • I ended up using two power supplies, a 12v 30 amp and a 24v 30 amp, the later for just the bed, with and external mosfet unit.

  • And what temp and performance do you get out of the bed

  • When I upgraded the bed from 200 X 200 to 315 X 315, using the 12v supply it took 12-15 minutes to heat to 60c.
    By upgrading to another 24v supply It now takes 4-5 mins to heat to 80c.
    Not sure but I think the bed is rated to 110c.

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