Flexable filaments

  • I need a filament that has a rubber type finish, not necessarily flexable but having a gripping finish to prevent a smooth item from sliding on it. Is there any such filament out there? Or can you recommend a coating available to put on on or dip for a very small 6mm X 8mm ABS printed item.

  • If you look for "dippable" rubber any Polyurathane (artificial rubber) coating like floor or deck sealer should do after all TPU is Thermoplastic (meltable and heat moldable) Polyurathane

  • @mpirringer Thanks for response. I'll try Flex Seal which comes in a can for dipping but also a spray. If anyone has tried this let me know.

  • Please share your results we are thinking of printing some wheels in nylon which is great for strength but not sticky at all so we are looking for a grip covering too

  • MatterHackers

    @theaquain What are you looking to make with that sort of material? With that, I may be able to recommend something that might work for you.

  • You mean us or him. We are looking to make wheels that have the best grip on Carpet that is woven out of olefin (Polypropylene). We have started to experiment with reinforcing some mechanical parts by printing them and then wrapping them into fiberglass sheet and using polycrylic (its a poly urathane floor covering) instead of Epoxy as its easier in a school environment (Water based, no mixing, less fumes etc) Its in the very early stages. So any info would be welcome.

  • MatterHackers

    @mpirringer I am afraid I am not sure what to recommend here in that case. Sorry about that one.

  • No problem we keep experimenting and from time to time I might post some here and other places. Right now I am working on my pulse

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