Running a Rostock Max with Marlin Firmware

  • I was wondering, if there is anybody who is using Marlin firmware successfully on a Rostock Max V2

  • I haven't heard reports of anyone doing this. Not to say it isn't done, but I haven't heard about it, nor can I think of any specific advantages to doing so.

  • I was just thinking that a Prusa MK2 runs with marlin and a Rambo Mini and the motors are super quiet. Maybe with using marlin on the Rostock Max 2 the motors might be configured to run super quiet too.

  • Easiest thing you can do to make your machine quieter is to install motor dampers. Another more difficult option is to increase your level of microstepping. The drivers on the RAMBo board can do a maximum of 1/16th microstepping, which is what Repetier uses by default. So in order to increase it you would need to swap to a different board. With an Azteeg X5 and SD6128 motor drivers you could potentially do 1/128th stepping.

    I don't think the firmware has much effect on the noise. The firmware can only tell the drivers when to step and what direction to step in. Although different firmware can produce smoother, more fluid motion (see Smoothieware) the actual handling of the motors is done by the motor drivers on your RAMBo.

  • And I guess that a delta machine is always noisier than a Cartesian printer because it runs all 3 motors all the time. I think the firmware has some kind of an impact. I remember that the Prusa MK2 has different run modes in the firmware settings that impact the noise level. Running the motors in the low power mode makes the printer very quiet. I wonder, if that can be done on a Rostock, possibly by using Marlin instead of Repetier.

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