2 T10 problems.

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    If you know which icon is the wrong one, you can uninstall it by doing a long-press, and then dragging it up to the top of the screen into the "Uninstall" icon.

    The best bet, though, is to do a proper factory reset. We're happy to walk you through that if you are having issues with it.

  • Well I went through it all again, and I am still getting thethe old version coming up, just about ready to give up on it.

    will just have to do the update everytime I want to use it.

  • The problem is still there, seems to be something amiss in the setup.

    Even after resetting the old version is still set on the tablet, is there a way this can be deleted, that would solve the problem I think.

  • Well the problem with the T10 is no longer a problem, as the replacement has arrived, and working OK.

    But I do have a problem that I cant figureout.

    The nozzle just keeps pushing into the bed, no matter what Z offset I put in.

    I will try to reload Marlin to see if the problem is with that.

    But any suggestions will be much appreciated..


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