2 T10 problems.

  • these two problems have just occurred.

    1) i am getting a box come up at the start telling me turn on location, how can I get rid of it.

    2) this is the most annoying, suddenly the small USB connection is playing up. I normally use this to upload models, .

    when it does upload one it disconnects, and will not reconnect, until I remove the usb addapter..then all works fine.

    Never had these problems before.

  • 1) MatterControl doesn't require any location services, so if you're getting this prompt, then either a) a different app is requesting this, or b) there is an issue with the Android OS. If you're sure you don't have any other apps installed that would be asking for this information, then you might try the factory reset. Email support@matterhackers.com for instructions.

    2) You could try a different USB computer connection mode. Swipe down from the top right of the screen twice to show the context menu, then choose SETTINGS. Navigate to Storage > overflow menu (three vertical dots at the top right of the screen) > USB computer connection and switch from MTP to PTP. Reconnect the tablet to the computer and try the transfer. If you still have issues, let's try a factory reset.

  • funny the first item cured itself without any help from me, the second is still,

    I am using an SD card at present, but the memory stick was more convenient.

  • Did you try changing the computer connection mode as I suggested? Or are you using the USB port to plug in a USB stick? I assumed you were connecting it to a computer.

  • Its the USB stick that I have my STL files, and have been loading them from that, that is the problem I am having.

  • But did you try changing the computer connection mode as I suggested?

  • Yes Ryan I did , it did not fix the problem.

  • Okay, I sent you an email for factory resetting the tablet. Make sure you back up any files you wish to keep before doing the reset.

  • Thanks Ryan, we will see how we go with it over the weekend.

    Have a good one. Ernie

  • Looks like you have given up on me on this one.

  • @erniehatt said:

    we will see how we go with it over the weekend.

    That was the last we heard. If you need help, you need to reply.

  • Ryan, I must apologise for the earlier comment, not appropriate I must admit.

    I had thought I had sent the reply, but for some reason it went to my drafts folder, only noticed it this morning. Sorry for that.

  • No problem, Ernie. So the factory reset did not work, then?

  • Ryan, Looks like the second time around did the job.

  • Glad to hear it, Ernie. Let me know if you have further questions.

  • Ryan, still have the same problem, see email for details.

  • Sorry to hear. I don't see any recent emails from you in our support system, though. Can you confirm you sent it?

  • Yes Ryan, I sent two emails, one on the 14th the other on the19th july, there was one before that But I can't find that one..

    Lets do it from here, it seems to work better than emails.

    When I first went through it it worked, but after switching off it reverted back to ver5506, sometimes it will start with the right version.

    Trying to install it from the home did not work, I had to do it from the folder, this might be where the problem lies, there were three different matter control icons in there, maybe it's juming from one to the other who knows.

  • MatterHackers

    Hi Ernie, we aren't seeing any emails in the support system from the 14th or 19th, and it looks like we might be missing some info. It looks like the factory reset worked for a little bit and then stopped, is that accurate?

    As for the multiple matter control icons, that would indicate that there was an issue with factory reset process. After the reset, there should just be one.

  • That's Ok, according to my sent folder they were sent.

    Yes that is correct, is there any chance I could just delete the extra icon, if I could find the folder, which I cannot..

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