Jigsaws - precision around the edges

  • I've been successfully using Mattercontrol to prepare and slice a number of 3d models. However in trying to print the Catan borders at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:300229 I discovered that the pieces did not fit together. Looking more carefully at other pieces I've printed, I've come to the conclusion that the slicer seems to have run the extruder along the *centre* of both inside and outside edges, rather than on the solid-side of any edge. Thus using a 0.4mm nozzle, a 20mm diameter bobbin with an 8mm hole in the middle will print as a 20.4mm bobbin with a 7.6mm hole in the middle, due to the 0.2mm error on every edge. I'm using the built-in slicer.

    Is there a means to configure Mattercontrol so that the slicer will position the nozzle correctly?


  • The slicer is not actually running on the center of the edges, although I can understand why you would think that. It does the right thing and runs along the inside of the edge by 1/2 the nozzle diameter. We've made sure of this, and you can verify it yourself by inspecting the coordinates in your G-Code file.

    There are a lot of things that can cause dimensional issues like you are seeing. Most likely, your printer is overextruding slightly. First I would verify that all your settings are correct. In particular, your nozzle diameter, extrusion multipliers, and filament diameter. The exact filament diameter is especially important. Any small variance can cause a significant difference in the amount of plastic extruded. You should verify the diameter with calipers each time you change spools, and adjust the setting accordingly.

    If all of that looks good, you should try calibrating your extruder.

  • That seems like excellent advice. Thank you for clarifying that the algorithm does the right thing. I'll examine each of those areas and try to find the problem.


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