Material or Slicer settings ? Please make it as ONE

  • When you call something "Material" i am logically assume parameters such as:
    Weight, price, diameter, maybe temperature too, yet "Material" reflects slicer settings that have no business being in the "Material"

    Essentially what Matter Control has is "Slicer Settings", not "Material"

    Same thing with "Printer"
    Selecting another printer brings up its own set of materials that are not shared.
    I have to duplicate materials in order to print with same "not materials but slicer settings" on another printer. And if i happen to need a small change, i have to make that change on both materials now instead of one.

    It would make sense to be able to just pick the printer on which model will be printed on without the need to re-import the model specifically for opened printer in a new workspace.
    Just print printer from drop down menu and re-slice. BAM !

  • That would be a step in the wrong direction as different printers print the same material differently. Different printers have different hotends which are capable of melting the material at a different rate. So lets even say the same printer with an E3D V6 and a .8 nozzle will melt most plastic at about 13 mm3/sec while with a volcano at about 23-25mm3/sec and the V6 might need another 10-20c in temp to do that. And that is on the same printer than different printers have different fans which changes the fan settings for bridging and different printers are capable of different travel speeds. So the ideal setting for one printer might be a .2mm layer height with a .8 nozzle for another a .4 and a higher speed etc. So unfortunately you cannot use one global setting for different printers unless they are very very similar.

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